How to discover the freedom in beauty? Let’s talk with the expert Roxana Lynch.

If you watch Zayra Mo’s videos, you are going to see that she wears crowns with crystals, with flowers and more elements to bring out the Goddess spirit in all of us.

Those crowns are unique and where the time to create it is a beautiful process thanks to the crown’s designer Roxana Lynch. Her remarkable approach is a healing process of what the person want and need to achieved.

Zayra Mo (Left) and Roxana Lynch (Right) in Mo's concert "Women's Sound Bath"

Zayra Mo (Left) and Roxana Lynch (Right) in Mo's concert "Women's Sound Bath"

And because that healing process is why we want to present how to discover the freedom in beauty with Roxana Lynch.

Roxana started her unique and personalized crown’s designs ( ) as the next logical step to take in furthering Banana Graphika, her previous brand, which she started as a labor of love to her Latin roots and identity.

“It was inspired mainly by my daughter, and was my way to help her and other girls display proudly their heritage through colorful and beautiful unapologetic accessories. But she has grown and my brand grew up as well, until the point where it needed to become something deeper and bigger” shared Roxana who born in Venezuela and lives in Miami, Florida.

That deeper and bigger approach is helping women transform their energy and listen to themselves to evolve.

“I want to honor and celebrate you, by crowning you with headpieces that enhance your greatness. I also design other body jewelry that serves you as a spiritual reminder of your power. Some are seen as amulets”.

Her pieces points to alchemize your feelings of fear, anger, numbness, or uncertainty to love, trust, light, positive thinking, and soul nurturing.

How Roxana Lynch creates the magic?

“Every single project I start, produce, or get involved with, must be destined to improve the overall wellbeing -mental, spiritual, and physical- of my fairies".

“I always look for ways to support them in their journey. Whether it is about healing, liberating their wildness and making them feel free, or looking for an answer to connect to their inner selves and find love, peace, joy, and live a blissful life! “

“I am all about to celebrate the rising of our divine feminine to make this world a better place to live in. This amazing world destined to be inherited by our children".
“How? By teaching my tribe rituals to incorporate into their practice, designing most of all my pieces with the healing power of gemstones and magical elements from my lifetime cherished treasure trunk.”

“I take the time to know my Goddess Queens and style them with the best to enhance their beauty, from designing specifically for them, to telling their own story or expressing them radically through my headpieces.”

Her work has been defined as “theatrical” because of the “drama factor” and the storytelling (tragedy and comedy) which is always what “is read first” on her work where the eclecticism and divine mix of sassiness, naughtiness, sense of humor, edginess is always there.

My "carnivalesque" approach is an indivisible part of my creative process. It is like a collage of opposites happily living as one entity in perfect harmony, to create beautiful, fun, radical, and unexpected art wear.

Roxana, who loves dance salsa and go to the beach, transformed her vocation in her entrepreneurship which for her is a daily act of growth, faith, consistency, planning, and determination.

“If you have that, you can overcome anything to achieve success, regardless of your definition of it.”

Right now she is working on updating all her permanent lines and is in the process to launch the next collections; Nomad Soul and Lady Natura.

“Also, I am immerse in a fantastic collaboration with a Yoga World Queen, but I cannot tell you more about that just yet!”

Your mission in the world is ….
To help you to heal whatever you need so that you can see your beauty, fullness, and perfection. I seek to help you reconnect with your power and bring out the Goddess Queen within you. And own it.

From life experience; what’s your tip to other women live the best life?
Listen to yourself. Find a sacred spot (bedroom, garden, office) where you can just be silent, present and give yourself what you want and need. At the moment. The only way to get the message is to quiet your mind. To be in silence.

Breathe and connect with what makes you feel happy. Schedule it and do it. You will be much more efficiently on everything and execute whatever you have to with a stronger purpose. We came to this world TO BE, not just "to do", or "to have”.

Always be grateful about your blessing. You are millionaire. Close your eyes and see what surrounds you. You will acknowledge it sooner that you think 😉.

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Thank you so much for sharing with your community what we do with so much love. Women working for other women. I’m honored to be your friend. You are amazing Zayra!

Roxana April 12, 2021

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