The Top REAL 10 Benefits When You Start A Yoga Workout In Your Home. PLAN INCLUDED!

Yoga is a system of breathing, stretching exercises, and meditation that helps the individual join with the Universal Self. A Yoga workout is widely accepted as a relaxing and healthy practice.  Studies have shown that it lowers blood pressure and heart rate, and will help to suppress other body functions so that you can achieve a state total relaxation.

What are you waiting for to start a yoga workout in your home?


1. Yoga means to yoke or unite.

It is said that yoga helps to strengthen and cleanse the body while allowing the mind to focus on connecting with the Universal Self.  It is not a creed and does not oppose any world religion.

2. Yoga is healthy!

Improves posture, increases flexibility, builds muscle strength, boosts metabolism, helps in lowering blood sugar, increases blood flow, have a beneficial effect on the immune system, increases self-esteem, improves lung function, helps you sleep better and much more!

3. When you start a yoga workout in your home, you are transforming the vibes of your home. Is like a detox!
You'll be see that your home will be before and after yoga because when you realize that you're energy is creating the vibes of your home, you'll be more concern about how your actions define the vibe of your home sweet home.
4. You pick the time and save worthless time in traffic.
Say bye bye to the stress of driving and find a parking. Also being tied to others schedules which can cause you a stress. When you start a home yoga workout, you can pick the time and days that are more suitable for you and your needs. Are you a morning person or night person? Besides you can do a 30 minutes yoga workout that will be more beneficial than the one hour class that is a rule in the studios and gyms. More? You save money in gas and more!
5. You learn at you own pace; which means you can be your own master.
Because you are avoiding the crowd in a mass yoga class, you'll start to read better your body and mind, challenge yourself without competitions and polish the poses or asanas you want to learn more.
6. Your yoga workout space will start to look you own sacred space.
The more you learn about yoga, the more you'll know to protect your home yoga workout space. And let me give you a tip: BE CREATIVE! A cool yoga mat, crystals, malas necklaces to meditate, pillows, candles and more will remind you that you are special and you need to pamper yourself with yoga.
7. You are more connected with yourself.
I love this one! Because when you create a home yoga workout, you'll set your own rules. No more interruptions from cellphones or people sneeze around you. You can turn on the music you like, you start to connect more with your mind without distractions and you start to read what your body needs. At the end you are more with consciousness and time to time you'll feel the NIRVANA!
8. You'll discover more yoga styles than in your regular gym or studio.
When I started to teach yoga in a popular gym, I realized one style didn't fit. People have different needs and always are in a different level. Soon, my boss agreed with me to mix the yoga styles for my students. Thank God! That gave me the opportunity to introduce many styles of yoga which was the starting point for many students to discover the style and the need they were looking for. That's why a home yoga workout is so beneficial because you wont be stuck in one style. You learn, you master and you move to your next challenge or need.
9. A Yoga Workout before sleep is priceless !
Are you burn out from your work and didn't have energy to go to the gym? Well, you can do a yoga workout in your bed to sleep better and have sweet dreams and wake up refresh the next morning!
10. You can practice facial yoga workout as your beauty routine.
Yes, is a yoga workout only for you face. It's called facial yoga. When you learn facial yoga, it become you new beauty routine!

Your Yoga Workout Plan

The next step is to establish a plan. First check the online classes I offer in the online studio HERE. Pick one according to your needs.

If you are just beginning to explore yoga, it is important that you enter the practice gently. Your body needs time to ease into the changes you are introducing to it. At the same time, your body needs to experience yoga on a regular basis, so you can begin to discover its benefits in your body, your mind, and your spirit.

A gentle introduction to yoga would be to give yourself five minutes a day to enter into one or two of the poses. Yes, five minutes is all you need at first. Tack it onto one of your existing routines. For example, if you have a set routine you follow for the start of your day, five minutes of yoga added on can help you clear your mind and rev up your body, preparing for action. On the other hand, if you have a series of activities you normally follow before you go to bed (and if you do not, I highly recommend you start), five minutes of yoga can help you relax and can prepare your mind and body for a good night’s rest.

If you need ideas besides the online classes, you can order the book 501 Yoga Exercises HERE



Start with one or two poses that work for you. After a couple weeks, try out another pose or two. As you begin to notice the benefits in the form of greater alertness and flexibility, etc., feel free to expand your yoga time to 10 minutes a day or longer.

Once you reach the point that you are expanding your yoga practice to 20 or 30 minutes at a time, you should consider giving yoga workout a timeslot of its own. Sure, you can keep yoga for the start or end of your day, but if you find it is cramping your mornings or evenings, feel free to experiment with other times of day. I suggest you continue using one or two yoga positions to help you wake up and to prepare you for sleep; at the same time, give yourself at least three set blocks of time a week to devote to more extended yoga workout practice.

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