Behaviors of Self in Healthy Relationships

The system of the self has many ways in which it develops natural behaviors that comforts one, giving him or her security despite what situation one may experience. Social behavior is an act of self-satisfaction in which one uses to release their inner fears of social interaction. One tends to abstract emotions unless a spiteful gesture is made by another person. Mental illness and stress has a tendency to cause strong reactions from one self.

Emotions often develop by personal ethos, which is typically expressed through one's action or behavior. It makes no difference if a person is on either side of an interpersonal emotion. Sometimes people feel attracted to someone else's understanding and expressions.  Emotional problems often develop in family homes because there is a lack of kindness.

It is amazing that social relationships in families empower us to place importance on other relationships. It motivates us to socialize.  Typically, one may develop the need to get along with others by cooperating or satisfying one's needs.  With these gestures , one may meet new developmental challenges, and have to explore different possibilities; and begin to venture into new forms of interaction that prior experiences has brought on real anxiety.

In new relationships, many partners feel comfortable in certain areas where one has expressed from experiences. Some people have many potential ways to expand their experience, competence, and motive opportunities. In any way, should this lead one into thinking that habits end one's story? We have a continuous way of learning in life.  Educational programs allot us ways to abstract information for learning, but we also learn from influences that shape us. We also learn through observation or our innate senses.  We all must become dependents to learning and interacting with others.

Language seems to carry the expansion of learning and social interaction. This is often found in interacting with others. The challenge begins once one entity meets interactions with others.   One may have to face stress again unless he cultivates a familiar track that he becomes accustom to, which makes him feel secure and comfortable.

We must find the essential purpose of communication by disrupting situations that may cause unnatural tension by willingly changing the subject or through showing contrast meaning when one sees trouble ahead of the topic. In some cases where it has been found impossible to head off anxiety raising experiences, individuals have learned to use language to ward off anxiety by placating. It empowers one to feel less aggressive, or hostility toward others. One can sense when the other is withdrawing from the uncomfortable situation that has arose.

Social learning has security and anxiety. Adding dimensions to social language and interacting toward many individuals will help one ward off anxiety.  The healthy self can become extremely powerful in extensive construction and of mentoring his or her identity. Language should be a way in which learning and thought is organized. The development of a child depends on language to give shape and thought to their perception of life. Often this is carried over to school with your child. This accommodates for the learning and thinking oneís child may do while being taught by another.  

One can use writing to turn his or her experiences into a learning that allows him or her to reflect words to arrive at a deeper meaning. You can also develop personal meaningful knowledge through writing.  One can also become more reflective by considering others by expressing his or her thoughts through writing.  We must focus on our sense by or changing our literacy needs, practice and tools while writing.  We are allotted to experience learning, not solely as blindness to surviving, but as a communicative issue that allots one to conquer his or her difficulties and reward the self.

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