What I did about grief? And 10 online programs that will help you...

These are the #tbt pics of me with my ex-husband Dario in 2004. Why? Because 2021 was without a doubt a year that I had to face many mournings. Right from the start of 2021! and I thought that with my “superhero” mentality I could get through it alone. I thought the sleepless nights, anxiety attacks, and PTSD would go away on their own and I could continue to work. I thought that denying my emotions, my vulnerability and keeping myself in the role of victim was a process that would pass. My ego deceives myself, especially when I know that it is not like that. The event that confronted me with my vulnerability was another mourning; the departure of my ex-husband Dario in August.

It was quite a shock that literally kept me glued to the floors of my house for days until my friend Elena came to the rescue and because she knows me so well, she used my joy technique to see the situation differently. When my face deflated, I thought of all the consequences and responses of death in those who remain alive. Especially if one dies before your parents - like Dario's case - so I set out to make drastic changes, seek professional help and create a support network of friends and family that are unique to me.

I confront many emotions in the process and even uncovering those that my subconscious had very much alive for years and years. Thanks to those mournings and losses, I recognized the new potential that I am discovering and thanks to those mournings and losses I have been able to help others who are going through the same thing. If you are going through a mourning, do not go through it alone and seek help because the "bad" emotions stagnate and you end up making your body, your mind and your spirit sick. And a grief is not only that someone dies physically, also a grief is a divorce, losing a job, a loss of something you were used to.

Dario RIP

If you want to start to self help now... here our best online programs:

  1. Breathe - Ultimate Stress Management Program

  2. The Gratitude Plan Masterclass

  3. Masterclass - Happiness Starts With You

  4. Sacred Vision - Guided Imagery Series

  5. Masterclass - Overcoming Anxiet

  6. Masterclass - Personal Transformation

  7. Masterclass - Resilience

  8. Masterclass Self Love

  9. Masterclass - Freedom In Forgiveness

  10. Masterclass - The Meaningful Lif

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