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Natal Chart Poster + Interpretation

Pick Your Option:

Do you want to discover what astrology have to tell you about your life? We are offering these amazing service / product ! A personalized Natal Chart Poster plus an interpretation of it.

You can pick of two options:

  1. Poster (18x24) Design and Print of Your Natal Chart with the report as digital document.
  2. Natal Chart + Report as a digital document.

Please in the notes of your order (at checkout page) write your Name / Date of Birth / Hour of You Born / Place You Born

We are going to be in contact to let you know the process. The shipping of the process will get 1-2 weeks if you are in USA.

A Birth Chart is what determines your placements in signs, planets, asteroids etc. At birth, we were all born with a magical chart that defines who we astrologically. A Birth Chart shows us who we are at our core, it calculates the astrological aspects and sensitive angles of the magical moment; our Birth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Incredible tool

The chart was eye opening. A great tool for self-reflection and improvement!

Super to read it... And yes its an improvement tool...

Wow! It's amazing!

I loved how Zayra created and explain my chart. So on point! I can't believe how many things said and the journey to grow that I'm starting with this. Thank You !

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