Zayra Mo

Empower Your Ideas with Love - Digital Track


A Special Sound Healing for Women Entrepreneurs to Empower Your Ideas with Love.

Lenght 16 minutes

Meditation and entrepreneurship combine very well because is active rather than passive — taking control of life rather than allowing it to happen to you. Meditation is to the mind what physical exercise is to the body. It trains one to take control of thoughts, quelling fear and freeing the mind from ruminating on negative thoughts — essential qualities for a business owner.

If you are a woman entrepreneur, your life is so multifaceted.

You're everything for your business, but you're also maybe a wife, or a mother. . . .

A meditative practice allows you to set aside the work, get new idea for your business, reboot, uplift and more. Whe you do it you will have other aspects of your life.

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