Zayra Mo

Healing Harmonics - Digital Track


Do you want to feel the healing power of harmonics? Well, Zayra Mo is giving to you in this powerful sound healing performance of 34 minutes! What is harmonic?

Harmony gives the melody color, direction, and context. It is the result produced when tones are sounded simultaneously. When a string is plucked, a single note sounds, but other notes, called harmonics or overtones, also sound. These harmonics are mathematical ratios of the first note: the first harmonic vibrates twice as fast as the first note, the second harmonic vibrates three times as fast, the third harmonic vibrates four times as fast, and so on.

In Healing Harmonics Zayra Mo combines healing frequencies where the vibration of her crystal singing bowls will produce the effect to feel the it in different parts of yourself at the same time. Also the combinations she do will produce other healings effects like unity, empowerment with love, wisdom, creativity and more.

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