Zayra Mo

Thank You Gaia - Digital Track


"Thank You Gaia" is a sound healing where Zayra Mo invite you to honor our home; Gaia where we living all kind the experiences in the process of the evolution. The intention here is connect with all our home bring us; water, air, plants, animals, humans, love, food, etc.

"Is a call for hope! Join me in this journey and put yourself like a an astronaut returning to Gaia. In your journey visualize the earth with the clouds, oceans, continents... and like a zoom, enter to it and put yourself in a place where you think you feel connected with Gaia. Is a good trip our mind can do".

In "Thank You Gaia" Zayra Mo uses the harmonics of different frequencies and notes to connect with your lower chakras.

Duration: 19:05 minutes

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