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Fit Rx - First Season (English & Spanish)

$31.99 $127

Smart and micro routines to awake your body to be in shape and healthy in a month.

Are you the ones who want to start to move your body in a long time? Well, GREAT NEWS!!! Here you are going to discover one of our best fitness programs between those who want to start to exercises after many months without any physical activity.

Fit Rx is great and favorite because:

  • Smart Moves
  • Micro Routines - Top 30 minutes duration
  • Is a progressive program but starting "little by little"
  • In one session we include breathing exercises, stretching and the workout of the day.
  • You are NEVER GOING TO BE BORED because each day is going a different routine and you are going to learn the basics of: balance, stability, resistance bands, chair yoga, stand up yoga, weights, Qigong and more.

Some do this program in one month, but we highly encourage to do it according to your needs.

Let's move with Fit Rx!

Registration Notes:

Did you know you haveĀ UNLIMITED ACCESS to this program? Yes! Forever!.

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