Zayra Mo

High Heart - Digital Track


High Heart is the favorite sound healing of Zayra Mo because during 27 minutes you are going to flow in her crystal singing bowl for the High Heart Chakra and Thymus Gland.


High Chakra: Resonates with the high chakra (seat of thesoul) which represents the unconditionaldivine love. Unconditional love is free of ego,therefore a healthy higher heart facilitatesspiritual growth and deep innertransformation.

Thymus Gland: Supports our immune response by producingbetter T-leukocytes and T-Cells whichdistinguish inoffensive body cells fromintruding pathogens and fend those off.

Body Response: Reduces muscle tension, improve the quality ofsleep, lower the blood pressure, support theDNA and the body gets back in sync with itself.It helps the body to self-regulate as it regainsbalance and becomes healed.

Mind Response: Increase the feeling of happiness because release serotonin, reduces the stress, creates a relax state of mind and synchronize the brain'shemispheres.

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