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Zayra Mo's story.

Some time ago astrology told me that my psychic power is to perceive the energetic vibrations of objects, places and people.

Although I felt it since I was little, this was a statement that the steps I was taking were finally an encounter with my destiny.

Today I use this ability to heal others and my mission is to create and promote sound therapy, music and meditation to everyone.

I born in the tropical island of Puerto Rico and grew up surrounded by the forest and lake Guajataca where I felt very deeply the connection with nature, stars and ambient sounds.

For me is still a fairy and mysterious place when I remember the stories of the lake, the silent around the forest, the hit of a meteorite I only saw, the crystal mine in my grandmother farm (and she gave me one!), the strange visions with airplanes for some neighbors and the ongoing top secret missions the US military work on my land and in the rest of the island.

If you are aware or not, you will feel the strong energies (electromagnetism) in some way. I'm very sensitive and intuitive and always have a feeling that waves of energies go through my body with every matter that you touch or come to you like air and sound. I never tell this before - since now - but when a friend come with me to visit my home, they start to feel too relax and super disconnect with their regular lives.

Something help me since child to embrace these vibrations without dramas and fantasies. It was the education and example of my parents. My mom is a natural philosopher who asked and analyzed very deeply the injustices of the world and she is the forever nurse who studied it and still perform it. My dad have the attitude of put in action what he thinks without overthinking and focus like a ray in his mission. His passion is the farm and his vocation is the art of javelin throw which he continues as a coach.

This mix help me a lot to be aware and also to be in action. But the politic persecution against my parents played a role that my childhood was very alone which - in a good way - I reinforce my creativity, my studies and my thoughts of freedom to learn, grow and share my inner talents.

As soon I finished my BA as journalist and photographer in the University of Puerto Rico, I moved to Miami to do the Master in Investigative Journalism. The studies always was my ticket to go further.

But the more I immerse in the career world, the more I forgot my inner purpose and disconnect with my inner self. I worked as journalist for two decades and the stress of "play what the industry media is", "you are your career" and "you have to follow a society women code of super woman" without really help others ended up getting sick my body, my mind, my spirit and my relationships.

The somatic outcome in my body was so serious that the last of my accidents and conditions was the fracture in my jaw because the stress in my body, my mind and my soul. But it was very interesting because happened when I started to fight in silence what I didn't want, when I started my healing process in secret and when I started to create again - also - in silence.

I recognized the need to be in action without secrets and reclaim a life with joy, prosperity and help each others. During my year of therapy for my jaw, I started yoga - only with the memories of my training as a dancer - and soon I started a journey to study it. During my research and meditations I started to remember who I am, where I come from and which are my inner talents. Then crystal therapy and sound healing became my new two disciplines that gave me more power to refine my inner talents and finally I was re-connect with my INTUITION to decide my future health, my future steps and my future mission.

I changed... Thanks God! And people started to see it because I started to share it. It got more serious when I got my many certifications (USA requires you to work) Yoga Somatic, Personal Coach, Art, Sound and Meditation Therapies and many many more... People saw me first in kAca Yoga (the 1rst online yoga studio in USA in Spanish language) which opened me the doors to produce my short film about sound healing and sonic entrainment therapy and it's benefits with The Alpha Room which I tour for 2 years and the release of the CD with the same name of the project. And also this change become in my entrepreneurship as a holistic instructor for elderly population in Miami (

Today, I'm an advocate of sound healing and sonic entrainment for all. I perform my Live Sound Therapy 5 times per week to around 100 students, also for festivals like The Yoga Expo, partnership with companies who want to share sound therapy and meditation to their employees and clients and always producing new sessions.

Here, I want everybody get the chance to learn and practice everything about yoga, sound healing, sonic entrainment, meditation and music meditation. 24/7! That's why I opened an online studio where you can meditate every time you want to and also learn everything I know.

Because I'm a believer that when you know it, you embrace it in a level of empowerment, you will know why are you meditating, why you need it and why you will become an advocate of it.

Please, embrace this opportunity as A BIG STEP in your healing journey where you are going to learn how this super power energy will increase your INTUITION, creativity, self-confidence, health and more.

Also I decide to re-organize this space to open the doors to other creative minds to share their holistic products, their conscious ideas and more to move this concept from ME to a COMMUNITY I follow, support and empower.

Discover why you need it ! You deserve the best ! You deserve GOOD VIBES IN YOU!

Let's start your journey for the revolution of your evolution...

Zayra Mo