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Welcome to my world! I have the mission to empower women through holistic fashion and arts, music therapy and online classes as an alternative medicine solutions to improve wellness and mental health conditions like stress, anxiety, body image issues, depression and more.

Every piece here is inspired from my passion and vision to share the holistic techniques (like crystal therapy, sound therapy, color therapy, art therapy, yoga and more) I learned and share it in a beautiful way where every women can experience joy, beauty and harmony to their life..

During this interaction, I want to create a magical connection where the healing journey is entertaining and self empowering.

I hope this healing journey turn in a lifetime conversation with you - thanks to our network Unity Zone (Please join HERE) - because it will give me the awareness of your needs, ideas and life experiences and the space to inspire and celebrate each other.

About Zayra Mo

Zayra Mo born in the beautiful tropical island of Puerto Rico and is living in the sunny melting pot of cultures of Miami, Florida (USA) for the past two decades.

Her skills of communicating arts started in Puerto Rico since child as a dancer, writer and crafts.

Graduated with a Master in Communications, she worked as journalist and photographer during two decades when she decided to shift her vocation as yoga and meditation teacher after a long period of health issues from stress to body injuries.

"Everything happens for a reason and that period gave me the return ticket to do arts but in a mindful way" share Zayra Mo who is certified in Somatic Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing and Holistic Fitness.

Zayra combined communications, arts and holistic medicine to create in 2014 kAca Yoga (1st online studio in Spanish Language in USA) which opened the door to teach the 1st yoga class in Spanish Language in the popular festival The Yoga Expo in USA.

Her endless curiosity to share holistic medicine with arts for ALL turned in her live presentations of Sound Bath Concerts for Miami Dade College and the tour "The Alpha Room" for two years in the campuses of the mentioned institution.

Then she developed a wellness program for the Miami Dade Parks where sound healing, meditation, yoga, Qigong and others alternatives therapies are giving to the women seniors population since 2018.

Here in www.zayramo.com Zayra Mo focus in the population she care the most: women like her who enjoy arts and through arts she can improve wellness in their life with holistic therapies.

Zayra Mo's Core Values

  • Wellness - every creation is inspired from the women needs (body-mentally-spiritual) aspects with alternative medicine techniques like color therapy, holistic fashion and arts, music therapy, meditation, yoga and more.
  • Beauty - my art and classes have to be for everyBODY to feel and look fab in their own skin!
  • Empower - every piece and service have to be use as a personal development.
  • Joy - every creation need to make you smile that flows to make a space of harmony.
  • Sustainability -"be green" is a most to do. For example, Internet expand the opportunity to have many people in one place and for products like in fashion; we only produced what you order to avoid mass production pollution and turns out we always have the product in your size. If you want to know more about our Sustainability Policy, please click HERE 
  • Craftsmanship - I'm passionate to put my hands on in every creation. Did you know I handmade the mala necklaces and the finger labyrinths? And did you know, real people cut and sew our activewear?
  • Creativity - everything here comes from the freedom to materialize my inspirations from the music I produced to the fabric patterns in the activewear.
  • Belonging - it's important to meet the women who gave me the opportunity to help them through my creations and connect each other to help and celebrate each other. Where: in our my in-person events and online like our Unity Zone Network. Join for FREE HERE!

Some of Zayra Mo Performances