Holistic Astrology Reading with Sound Healing Online Session


Get a holistic astrology reading and a personalize sound healing for 1 Topic/question regarding your love life, career, spirituality or any personal blockages.

My experience as a Sound Healing Creator, Chief of Happiness Executive and Licensed Yoga & Meditation Expert allowed me to create personalized sound healings for the different blockages my clients have. Every person is different and their experiences and mindset define their current situation but also give me the opportunity to create, recommend and coach personalized holistic solutions to them to overcome any blockages.

During the Cart page please write your topic/question in the box "Add Order Note".

I will be providing you with intuitive - but experienced knowledge of complementary and alternative medicine solutions - and detailed information in regards to your situation and more. All my sessions cover practical advice to help you grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally and and put you on a higher evolved mindset to reach your highest spiritual mission for this life time.

The turn-around period for Holistic Astrology Reading and Personal Sound Healing Session is currently on 1 week. I take the time for create and analyze your Birth Chart to successfully understand your 1 topic/question concern to prepare your 30 minute video session.

I trust in your patience and understanding in regards to the time, energy and the process it takes to provide you with an ‘In Depth Soul Coaching’. Understand that coaching someone’s Soul demands high energy, concentration and a huge responsibility within the Spiritual Realm as well as the Psychical Realm. I trust that you will respect the waiting cue during this process.

All sessions are pre-recorded and will be send to your email address.

I trust the divine that your reading will be send to you In Divine Timing!

You'll get:

  • Pre-recorded video of 30 Minutes Session answering your 1 question/topic with a oracle card reading and sound healing.
  • Coaching & Specific Exercises according your needs (Meditation, Breathing, Gentle Movements, Mantra, Assigments, Journaling, etc.)
  • Personalized Sound Healing You Can Listen ALL the time you needed
  • Astrology Reading with Oracle Cards
  • 60 Days ACCESS "Join the Club" Membership to where you can discover more about Sound Healing, Meditation, Yoga and more!

Customer Reviews

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Jacqueline Estrada
Experiencia única y maravillosa

I had the opportunity to have a session with Zayra and it was a wonderful experience, where I was able to work on my interior and my body through the sounds personalized by Zayra. At the same time, it was a unique moment of disconnection and relaxation.

I 100% recommend sound therapy with Zayra Mo!!


Tuve la oportunidad de tener una sesión con Zayra y fue una experiencia maravillosa, donde pude trabajar en mi interior y mi cuerpo a través de los sonidos personalizados por Zayra. A su vez fue un momento de desconexión y relajación único.

Recomiendo 100% la sonido terapia con Zayra Mo!!

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